Sad and Senseless Losses

I recently attended the second of two memorial services of two different friends. Both friends died of cancer. One friend died four months from diagnosis and the other, a little over a month from diagnosis.  Unfortunately, these two are not the only ones who have met untimely deaths in the last two years that were either friends or family members. I lost two friends, a married couple, the husband from melanoma and the wife four months later from heart attack. They left three teenagers, alone. Last year my stepmother died from cancer that spread through her body during a seven-year period.  Two other male friends died of heart attacks. Then there were two deaths from the saddest of all causes of death: suicide. One, a female friend who my wife and I had unfortunately lost contact with for several years; another, the son of dear friends of ours.  It’s also important to mention the three “near deaths”: two male friends with near-fatal heart attacks and one male friend with aortic aneurism. Out of all these people, only one was over 65. Most were in their 50’s or younger. Far too young. I have been compelled to write this article to express my thoughts about why I feel that people are dying way too young and at alarming rates. I have been very hesitant to write my thoughts because I know that many people who read this will be people who have recently lost loved ones, many of who I have just mentioned above. I realize that it’s quite possible that the things that I’m about to say will cause some to be very upset and maybe even be angry at me. The last thing I would want to do is to offend anyone but I feel that these things need to be said. If I can get just a few people to think differently about life and death and health and sickness, and possibly influence them to make changes that could save their life, it will be worth upsetting a few folks. The feelings and opinions I’m about to express come from deep within a caldron of emotions that includes sadness, frustration, and seething anger. Some of the anger I have is admittedly towards myself for being silent too many times when I should have spoken up or reached out when I saw someone traveling down a likely path of doom. I’m just going to go ahead and spew now. This may take awhile.  I believe that most people who die of illnesses these days, die unnecessarily. Let’s look at some facts. The three leading causes of death in our country are cardiovascular disease, cancer, and medical care (I’ll refer to it as “treatment”, since “care” doesn’t fit here).  Some authorities (like Gary Null, medical researcher and author) even believe that medical treatment should now occupy the top position as to causes of death. It may surprise you to know that five thousand people die every week in this country due to medical treatments. Two thousand die from surgeries, and three thousand from OTC and prescription drugs. As atrocious as these statistics are, they don’t make the Evening News. These numbers are equivalent to a Jumbo Jet crash every single day. That would make the News! O.K., I know that medical treatment in cases of crisis intervention can save lives. I’ve heard many accounts of lives being saved during emergency medical procedures related from personal experience by my brother-in-law, a skilled general surgeon. This is where their services have great value. For chronic illness, however, pharmaceutical-based treatments (at least 90% of medical practice) do not work when it comes to actually healing the body. There is no drug that has ever been for,mulated in history that has ever healed anything in the body. Drugs, whether prescription or OTC, treat symptoms and symptoms only! And as they are treating symptoms, they are creating toxic side effects that are adding to the gradual decline in over-all health. A perfect example of this is Statin Drugs for cholesterol: one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the world’s population by the pharmaceutical industry. These drugs, which have made the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars, have never been shown in any study that they can extend a person’s lifespan, whatsoever. All these drugs do is artificially lower the numbers, giving the patient a false sense of security. When the cardiovascular system is threatened by the real causes of cardiovascular disease (high insulin, Homocysteine, Free Radicals) the body makes more cholesterol as a protective response. High cholesterol levels are a symptom and not a cause of disease. We are now seeing more devastating conditions that are Statin-induced diseases involving the muscle tissue and nervous system. Increasing numbers are being seen of muscle wasting disease, heart failure, neuropathies, and brain conditions (memory deterioration, etc.), many of which are caused from Statin drugs. Look at and see how many books that are available about the dangers of Cholesterol Drugs. Almost all of the people who suffer heart attacks or die of cardiovascular disease these days were already on cholesterol drugs and/or blood pressure meds. Does that tell you anything? Now, as for cancer. All diseases (other than genetic diseases) are caused by three things: stress, toxicity, and deficiencies. In the allopathic medical world, are there any efforts made in patient care regarding stress reduction, adrenal regeneration, avoidance and elimination of toxins (chemical or biotoxins), or evaluating and treating for nutritional deficiencies? Of course not! Why, you ask? There’s two reasons: 1) Ignorance, and, 2) There’s no money in it. The Pharmaceutical Companies and their “Reps” (those distributing and those writing the prescriptions) are trying to convince the masses that we have pain and inflammation because we have a deficiencies of Ibuprofen and Tylenol; we have cardiovascular disease because we have deficiencies of Lipitor, Lasix, and Lopressor; we have depression and anxiety because we have deficiencies of Prozac, Wellbutrin, and Cymbalta; we have heartburn and reflux because we have deficiencies of (name your favorite purple pill!). In regard to cancer, how many people do you know that had a long-term survival rate from cancer that had radiation or chemotherapy? The few rare cases that do survive, do so in spite of the radiation and chemotherapy, not because of it! Chemotherapy chemicals, according to Dr. Leonard Coldwell in his book, “The Only Answer To Cancer” are the same chemicals used for chemical warfare during WWI and WWII. A lot of cancer patients die because of the standard medical treatments which burn, and poison the body. It has been proven that surgical procedures for tumor removal very often create an invasive explosion of cancer cell growth increase, which hastens the demise of the patient. There are a handful of doctors that are getting amazing results with natural methods for cancer treatments. Doctors like Robert Young in Southern California, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Dr. Stanley Burzynski, M.D. in Houston, Texas, and Dr. Tullio Simoncini, M.D. (oncologist) are using simple natural cures like sodium bicarbonate, food grade hydrogen peroxide, whole natural organic foods, and other nutritional supplements. One of the most powerful and yet simplest things anyone can do to prevent or cure illness is just keeping the body alkaline with fresh organic produce, minerals, or sodium and other bicarbonate products. It’s also vitally important to stay away from toxic junk foods (the ones we’re the most addicted to) like sugar, trans fats, sodas, etc. Stay away from fast food restaurants, as they are on the fast track to illness and early death. Picture Ronald McDonald with horns and a forked tail! So, if these simple natural things can cure us of these deadly diseases or keep us from getting them in the first place, why aren’t these methods being used to help us by the mainstream? Again, there’s no opportunity for financial gain because any cure that comes from nature cannot be patented, thus is of no interest by “Big Pharma’s” drug lords. Have you ever seen a chart showing what the profit margin is for common popular drugs? The average drug shows several thousands percent markup in profits. The major drug companies want to keep the general population in a “dummed down“ state, just accepting at face value the prescription pad note and making a bee-line for the drug store where they wait in line to get their prescription filled like a bunch of lambs waiting to be slaughtered. There’s too much financial gain at stake for the general population to be “enlightened”. Most medical doctors don’t know about nutrition or any other natural holistic therapies. One very nice medical doctor that I talked to recently admitted this very thing to me. Another one recently admitted that he knew very little about modern day stress-related health conditions or what to do for the people who suffer the effects of stress, toxicity, and deficiencies. In this past two years I’ve had more medical doctors refer patients to me or at least give their blessings for their patients to see me than in all the 30 previous years. A few of them have even come to see me as patients. A few of them are starting to get that there are more options other than drugs or surgery. A good example is a new amazing therapy that I have been administering to patients in this past year: Neurotransmitter Therapy for brain-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, OCD and many other mental/emotional conditions. This unique nutritional approach to these conditions is transforming lives like nothing I’ve ever seen in more that 30 years of practice. New studies coming out in prestigious medical journals like The Lancet are proving  that standard SSRI and other anti-depressant drugs are not only ineffective but are creating severe mental and emotional conditions with long term use. We need to start taking control of our own health, and start recognizing that the toxic foods we are indulging in are addictions that we need to overcome, and staying as pro-active as we can be in keeping ourselves healthy by finding natural alternatives to toxic health-destroying drugs. We live in a very stressful and toxic world where we can no longer be passive and float down what seems to be a slow peaceful river that ends on the rocks at the bottom of a treacherous waterfall. I really don’t want to see

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any more of my friends or family die unnecessarily. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is life.

My people parish for lack of knowledge     Hosea 4:6

“The food you feed your children is the cause of their disease”               Quicksilver Messenger Service from the album What About Me 1970

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