Clinical Nutrition

About 90% of what we prescribe to our patients for health regeneration programs are the whole food concentrate supplements from Standard Process Labs. The difference between “Whole Food Concentrates” and “Nutraceutical Supplements” (products from the majority of other supplement companies) is quite significant. In my 40 years of practice, the most positively dramatic improvements I have witnessed in patients have come from the use of supplements from Standard Process.

Standard Process Labs nutritional supplements are the most pure and natural supplements available because they are made from organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, and bovine or porcine organ tissue that are highly concentrated from a proprietary low heat, vacuum drying extraction process developed many years ago by the founder, Dr. Royal Lee. They contain all the complete vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and co-factors that naturally occur in nature.

*It’s important to note here that some other companies claim that their supplements are whole food concentrates because they can legally claim this, even if their product contains only 10% from a whole food source.

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