Considering a visit with Dr. Ramsey at the Functional Medicine Center? Below are a few testimonials from our patients:

Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

“Before I saw Dr. Ramsey, I was barely functioning as a human being. I had such severe chronic fatigue that I seldom could leave my house. I suffered from fibromyalgia so bad that I feared my liver and kidneys would fail from all the pain medications I was having to take. I had brain fog so severely that I had to give up my favorite pastime, reading, because I couldn’t comprehend or retain even one sentence. This was particularly devastating to me because I’m a writer. Dr. Ramsey did lab tests on me and then treated me nutritionally for Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome. No other practitioner seen previously ever came up with a diagnosis, let alone, gave me any hope for recovery of my condition. Within a month of starting treatment, I was almost 100% out of pain, I had more energy than I’d had for years, and imagine the joy I felt at being able to read through a whole newspaper!” Jacqueline L.

Headaches/Digestive Problems

“ I initially came to Dr. Ramsey for low back and neck pain. He was able to help me a great deal with my pain. I shared with him several other chronic health complaints that I had suffered from for a long time, which included headaches, insomnia, and a chronic digestive system disorder. After evaluating me, Dr. Ramsey determined that I had nutritional deficiencies for which he prescribed nutritional supplements. He knew exactly what I needed because now my headaches are gone, my digestive system is working perfectly , and I sleep so soundly now. It’s wonderful!” Alicia Forrester

Thyroid/Hair Loss

I saw Dr. Ramsey for a very frustrating health issue that no other specialist was able to give me any answers to. I had been suffering from chronic fatigue for quite awhile. My other symptom which had become increasingly disturbing to me was that I was starting to loose a lot of my hair. I had always been very proud of my thick, silky black hair and so I was horrified about the prospect of going bald or having big patches of missing hair! Dr. Ramsey had me do some lab tests for

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nutritional deficiencies and discovered that I had a low thyroid problem even though previous blood tests did not show that I had any thyroid problem. Dr. Ramsey explained that blood tests are often inaccurate for certain thyroid problems. I started taking the nutritional supplements that he recommended and within a very short amount of time my energy level totally came back and my hair stopped falling out. This was a miracle to me that it was such a simple solution!” Malena M.


“My husband was being treated successfully by Dr. Ramsey for back pain. He shared with Dr. Ramsey about the heartache that we had experienced for years regarding our infertility problem. He told my husband that he thought he could possibly help me get my body chemistry and hormones working better so that I might be able to get pregnant. I was at first somewhat skeptical and had just resigned myself to going through life childless. I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose so I let him treat me and within a short period of time I became pregnant which was the most exciting and shocking thing that I have ever experienced! Nine months later, I came in to see Dr. Ramsey so he could take a picture of me with my new beautiful baby girl!” Joanna H.

“My husband and I had tried to get pregnant for several years without any success. For a long time I had thought that maybe I was too old to conceive (I was in my mid 40’s). I consulted Dr. Ramsey since I knew of his reputation for helping people with nutritional imbalances causing chronic health issues. His testing and evaluation methods revealed that I had a significant suppression of my adrenal gland function. He put me on a nutritional protocol that helped my adrenals function normally and this in turn balanced out all my other hormones. Within a few short months I was pregnant with my daughter, who is the joy of my life! We’re so thankful that we didn’t have to spend years and enormous sums of money in fertility clinics. Dr. Ramsey’s solution was so simple and yet so effective!” Carol T.

My husband and I called Dr. Ramsey because we were interested in his natural approach to treating infertility. Even though I live in Virginia, I felt compelled to call him since no other doctor that I had seen offered much hope for my husband and I other than the typical expensive medical fertility treatments. We had tried to get pregnant for about two years with no luck. Dr. Ramsey assured us that it was not a problem to help us, even though we were on the other side of the country. He ordered the special month long hormone test and also tested my adrenal function. The hormone test showed that all my hormones were at extremely low levels and the progesterone and estrogen was not in sync during the month-long cycle. Dr. Ramsey discovered that it was most likely due to a severely suppressed adrenal function. He put me on an adrenal regeneration program and told me that he would check up on me at the end of this 3 month program. 3 days before the end of the 3 month adrenal program, I was thrilled to call Dr. Ramsey with the good news that I was pregnant! Now he is helping me with a nutritional program that I will be on for the rest of my pregnancy to ensure having the healthiest baby possible!

Digestive Issues/Fibromyalgia

I went to see Dr. Ramsey for some chronic health problems that I had suffered from for quite a few years. He had helped my sister with a lot of her health problems, so I trusted him. I had severe digestive problems that Dr. Ramsey said were also causing my fatigue and fibromyalgia with joint pain symptoms. He performed some lab tests that were not the traditional type of testing like blood tests. His conclusion was that I had some food allergies or sensitivities. As soon as I stopped eating the foods that I was allergic to, it was amazing how much better I felt! All my symptoms left me, and I felt like a new person! No specialist that I had seen previously had ever suggested the things that Dr. Ramsey had found out about me. He changed my life!” Marilyn Fergusen

Digestive Issues (Diverticulosis)

“I was diagnosed years ago with diverticulosis by my medical doctor. He said that I would just have to live with it, but it made my life quite miserable. Dr. Ramsey told me he thought he could help me. He had me start taking a few nutritional supplements and it made all the difference in the world! I hardly ever suffer with digestive problems now, thanks to Dr. Ramsey’s excellent work. Even though he moved away from San Jose, I still call him once in a while and he always helps me with his great health advice!” Michael Fradellis

Spine/Musculoskeletal Conditions and Chiropractic Treatment

I am 51 years old with a history of chronic neck and shoulder problems from horse riding injuries. I’ve gone to a few different chiropractors over the years to try to get relief for my chronic problem. Dr. Ramsey said he could help me be pain-free, a concept that I never imagined before. My chronic neck and shoulder pain was relieved after only three Arthrostim sessions! Because I love riding my horse, I still go in for “tune ups” but no longer have the chronic pain and tightness in my shoulders. Kathy Sallaz

I had a head-on collision at 30 mph which caused severe back strain and whiplash. I had extreme stiffness and lack of movement for two months. During this time I was getting physical therapy, which helped to some degree. With only one treatment of Arthrostim Spine Technique, I had major improvement with a lot of relief! I can work better and even my sleep is improving! I like how gentle this treatment is and with just a few treatments, I’m ready for a pain-free vacation! Kevin Costigliolo

I had a sports injury that caused a shoulder dislocation and on-going shoulder problems for seven years. Dr. Ramsey found that I had pinched nerves in my neck that were contributing to the problem. After only two or three treatments with Arthrostim Technique and the K-Laser, I felt remarkably better! I can sleep better and productivity at work has increased. I really like the idea that the vertebrae are fully relaxed during the adjustment and there’s no “popping” of the vertebrae. It’s great being able to work out again without chronic pain in my shoulder! Aaron Graves

I’ve had multiple rear-ender car accidents. I also had an injury from falling out of a tree. I’ve had terrible low back pain for over 25 years. Conventional medicine did not help. I thought I would just have to live with it. After having Arthrostim spinal treatments with Therapeutic Laser, my lower back pain is totally gone after only two treatments! I am now pain-free and have much more mobility. I also walk straighter, have no headaches, more energy, and am happier in general! It really works and is painless and fast working. Thanks, Dr. Ramsey! Gail Murakami

I have had long term low back and neck problems that are frequently aggravated by my running and gym exercises. Since Arthrostim spine technique my pain has subsided even more than it had with regular Chiropractic treatments and I’ve even noticed my posture being more erect! I can now exercise and run longer with less soreness. I like how my back and posture have improved and I can go longer between visits! My wife and two daughters also get treated and I’ve seen a lot of improvement in them, too! Vernon Sallaz

I wrenched my lower back, pulling out a cushion while driving. I kept having a dull ache in my lower back that regular spinal adjustments weren’t relieving very much. After only two treatments with Arthrostim technique, the pain was completely gone! This is wonderful because my husband and I love to go on long hikes and now I can enjoy hiking while being pain free! It really opens up the spine. Feels great! Sandy Heller

I had lower back pain caused by sports and weight lifting. I’ve also had a lot of neck pain from a football injury. My lower back pain was severe enough that occasionally I couldn’t get out of bed. My severe neck problem caused migraines every week or two. Now, after Arthrostim Spine Correction and K-Laser treatments, I can go for several weeks without pain which is just minor now. Once again I can enjoy playing with kids or participating in sports without any pain! Drew Tindall

My past injuries include a whiplash from a car accident and neck injuries from dancing. I own a dance school and I’m an instructor so it’s been very difficult with my chronic neck and back condition. Regular Chiropractic has given me some temporary relief over the years. Since Arthrostim spine method, my neck is much more flexible with no more stiffness or headaches. My low back is now pain-free and I have been able to teach dance and perform without pain! I love leaving Dr. Ramsey’s office with immediate relief! Jenna Mitchell

My passion for desert racing is a rough and sometimes dangerous thing. I recently had an accident during a 400 mile race in Nevada. We were going 65 mph and hit a river bed due to the dust from the car ahead. We were catapulted into a violent nose-down pogo stick. The impact compressed my spine resulting in severe headaches, nausea, and blurred vision. Dr. Ramsey’s Arthrostim and K-Laser treatments helped me recover from my injuries in just 3 weeks! He has kept me racing and at the top of my game as a competitor! Lee Ames