Healthy Brain Program (Neurotransmitter Therapy)

Never before in history has there been such a high incidence of mental and emotional disorders as what we are seeing today. Due to the highly stressful world we live in and consumption of unhealthy foods, more people than ever are taking SSRI and other drugs for depression and anxiety.

This epidemic problem is, in realty, due to severe depletion or deficiency of neurotransmitters (natural brain chemicals). Stress and junk food deplete natural neurotransmitters (Serotonin, Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine).

The Danger From Taking SSRI Drugs
What most people don’t realize is that the highest risk for neurotransmitter depletion is through the taking of psych drugs (anti-depressants/SSRIs). The longer a person is on these drugs, the more depleted the natural neurotransmitters become in the brain. This is why a person who starts these drugs feels better for a time, but then after being on them for awhile, they feel worse than before they started taking the drug. The most severe side effect that is more common than pharmaceutical companies want to admit to, is suicidal tendencies and other violent behavior. It is well documented that most of the mass killings over the last two decades were done by people who were on SSRI drugs.

How SSRI Drugs Damage A Healthy Brain

SSRI is a Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor. All the Neurotransmitters occupy the gap space between 2 nerve cells. This gap is called the Synapse. When the Neurotransmitters are concentrated in the proper proportion in the synapse, adequate nerve conductivity (similar to electrical flow) can occur through one nerve cell (neuron) to another. After a certain amount of time spent in the synapse, the Neurotransmitter particle becomes depleted so it then must go back into the nerve cell through receptor sites imbedded in the endplate of the dendrite (the "Re-uptake"). Once inside the neuron, it gets regenerated and infused with renewed energy. It then returns to the synapse to continue its roll as a conductive particle.

Neurotransmitters in the synapse become de-energized and must re-enter the neuron for renewal before returning to the synapse. SSRI drugs prevent this from happening. The Neurotransmitters then become severely depleted leading to Neurological dysfunction.

An SSRI does what its name says it does, that is, it Inhibits the Re-uptake of the Neurotransmitter so that it is prevented from going back into the nerve cell to get regenerated. If the drug prevents the re-uptake of the Neurotransmitter, then it could stay in the synapse because it would have no other place to go and that would leave the synapse densely populated with Neurotransmitter particles. It's easy to see the big problem with this. The Neurotransmitter needs to have access to go back into the nerve cell to get regenerated. Right after a patient starts taking the drug they could possibly feel better and they are deceived into thinking that the drug is working for them. This proves to be very short lived as the Neurotransmitters gradually all fade out like a flashlight with dying batteries (Re-uptake Inhibitor, remember?) Eventually and often times very quickly with some patients, their mental/emotional symptoms become much worse than they were before they even started taking the drug because now the Neurotransmitters are in seriously short supply. It is then very typical for the prescribing physician to up the dosage of the drug or just try a different psyche drug (they are all pretty much the same). This just becomes a never ending dead end street with the patient becoming more and more exasperated and continuing in a downward spiral symptomatically.

Besides depression and anxiety, there is also rapid increase in other mental disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Obsessive Eating Disorder, and panic attacks. For decades, children have been given drugs like Ritalin and Alderol because teachers and parents, who are stressed to the max, are incapable of dealing with hyperactive and unfocused kids in the classroom and at home. The nutrients so desperately needed by the brain are missing from lack of healthy diets and instead “Happy Meals” in the form of trans fats and refined sugars cause further assault to brain cells.

At Functional Medicine Center there is now a viable solution to this epidemic problem: Neurotransmitter Therapy. We have successfully treated many cases of mental and emotional disorders including depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and OCD. All these conditions can be successfully treated naturally with amino acids and other nutrients in precise dosages to bring imbalances in the four main Neurotransmitters (Serotonin, Dopamine, Epinephrin, and Nor-epinephrin) back into balance to greatly improve Mood Disorders. We use Doctor's Data Labs for the Neurotransmitter and Adrenal testing. Eleven Neurotransmitters are tested in the urine and Epinephrin and Nor-epinephrin from the Adrenals are tested in the saliva. See sample of test results here.

When the results of the testing are completed, a QR code scanned on the test results sheet reveals the recommended nutritional supplements from NeuroScience that are designed to bring the out-of-range Neurotransmitters back into healthy normal ranges.

100% of the patients we have treated have had complete success within three months. Neurotransmitter Therapy can even be used if a patient decides to stay on their anti-depressant medication until they are able to wean off the drugs. The amino acid therapy will prevent the negative side effects from the drugs by preventing the further depletion of natural neurotransmitters out of the brain.

We will offer you a complimentary consultation if you seek a natural solution to any mental or emotional disorder for yourself or your children.


My son told me about Dr. Ramsey and so I made an appointment with him to discuss my severe, long history of mental and emotional traumas. I was very curious to see if he could help me with his new brain restoring therapy. I had recently been discharged from an Alcohol Rehab Hospital in Santa Barbara, CA. I had been an alcoholic for many years because I felt that it was the only way for me to numb the emotional pain that kept me in severe anguish that I lived with for more than 40 years. I had severe PTSD from horrible things that I had experienced during the war in Viet Nam. From that time on I never experienced any relief from several mental/emotional difficulties. My symptoms included: severe depression and anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, nightmares and "daymares", flashbacks, panic attacks, and constant severe back pain from the top to the bottom of my spine. I had been talked into having spine surgery, which I regretted because I felt that it only made me worse. I had many prescriptions from VA doctors for Antidepressant drugs, but I never felt that they helped me and I even felt that they gradually made me worse the longer I was on them. I was so desperate for help and I decided to commit to Dr. Ramsey's Neurotransmitter Therapy. My mindset at that time was "what do I have to lose". I knew I couldn't go on living like I had been all those years. Just a few months after starting the Amino Acid therapy program for restoring my Neurotransmitters I felt completely renewed. It was like a miracle and a real answer to many years of prayers from many faithful friends and family members that obviously never lost hope for me. All my symptoms were completely gone, including all my back pain! This shocked me the most. Dr. Ramsey explained that when Neurotransmitters are depleted the sensation of pain can stay blocked in your nervous system and can be released when the Neurotransmitter levels are restored back to normal. Since my incredible experience with this amazing therapy, I have told many other people and others have thanked me for referring them to Dr. Ramsey for helping them also get their life back! Robert H.

I suffered from severe insomnia for several years. I tried various over-the-counter and prescription sleeping pills which seemed to work initially but as time went on, became less and less effective. I got to the point where I had to stop taking them because I felt that the drugs were the cause of increasing brain fog that had become so severe that I was struggling to think clearly at my job. The insomnia continued to get worse to the degree that most nights I couldn't sleep at all and I seriously wondered how I was going to survive. A family member told me about Dr. Ramsey's specialty of natural therapy for brain conditions. I didn't think there was any hope for me, but my wife was insisting that I make an appointment with Dr. Ramsey. We both felt that it would be our last resort. When we went to Dr. Ramsey's office for the consultation, I broke down and cried out of sheer desperation as I was telling him about my miserable life. My wife then cried when Dr. Ramsey told us that he would do everything he could to help me get better. The Neurotransmitter lab test showed that several of my neurotransmitters were completely out of range. Dr. Ramsey was pleased that we now had some concrete evidence for the cause of my problem. I could hardly believe the miracle that happened within the very first week of taking the recommended supplements. I began my new life of being able to sleep through the night, every night! This was absolutely life changing! I showed up at Dr. Ramsey's office to tell him the good news. He was very excited and quite amazed that the treatment had worked so quickly! Joel W.

I first heard of Dr. Ramsey through my mom who was one of his patients. She asked him if he could help me with my severe brain/emotional condition which included depression, anxiety, and OCD. My primary care doctor had prescribed Lexapro for me that I had been on for a few years. At first it seemed to help me, but the longer I was on it, the worse I felt. It was getting to the point that I felt like I was going crazy and the only thing my doctor did was just keep changing the dosages of the drug. The depression and anxiety was getting intolerable and negatively affecting my relationships. My OCD had become so extreme that I found myself obsessed with doing things like going for a walk and counting fence posts and not being able to stop the counting! I hoped and prayed that Dr. Ramsey would be able to help me after driving several hours to consult with him in his office. The NeuroScience testing of my Neurotransmitter levels revealed the problem, showing that many of my brain chemicals were way out of balance. I started the treatment program and experienced a positive difference within the first month of taking all the supplements. By the time I finished the recommended supplement program in 3 months, I was completely off of the Lexapro and had zero symptoms of any of my previous mental/emotional issues. That was close to 5 years ago. I am now happily married, I feel wonderful, and life is beautiful! Jessica M.

Dr. David Ramsey with World Famous Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson