In his 40+ years of practice, Dr. Ramsey has studied most of all the natural therapeutic techniques for pain relief.

He has found that there are four supremely effective therapies, that when used all together or in different combinations, yield the highest success rate for eliminating most causes of musculoskeletal and nerve pain.

Spinal nerve pain

Precision P-A (Posterior to Anterior) Spinal Misalignment Correction – (No Twisting/Torquing)

Surveys indicate that the main reason the majority of people stay away from chiropractors is due to their fear of the “twisting, snap, crackle, and pop” spinal manipulation techniques employed by the majority of Chiropractic clinics. Even though these techniques are generally very safe, many people are not comfortable with this type of treatment so they avoid chiropractors altogether and just “suffer in silence”. Another huge advantage to our specialty spinal correction techniques is that they get much faster positive results, longer lasting results, and the number of treatments needed is substantially less (See Brooke’s testimonial)

Brain Stem Compression (Atlas/Axis Alignment)

It can be said that the Atlas (C1) and Atlas (C2) are the most important vertebrae in the entire spine since they surround the brain stem and the beginning of the spinal cord. This is where all the nerves pass in the body and in the brain. Patients that have sustained any upper cervical spine trauma (whiplash, etc.) or head trauma (concussion, etc.) can be living with Brainstem Compression no matter how long ago the trauma occurred. We have found, working with countless patients over 4 decades, that the only way to properly correct the misalignment of C1/C2 which causes brainstem compression is with the upper cervical alignment method known as Atlas/Axis Toggle Technique. When the direction (left or right) of the misaligned vertebra is determined by a special Xray view (Anterior-Posterior Open Mouth) the patient lays on their side and the adjustment is performed using a “drop headpiece”. The adjustment is very gentile, quick, and precise. The majority of patients immediately feel a very positive response right after their first treatment. Common patient exclamations have included: “clearing of sinuses”, “headache is gone”, “better hearing”, “no dizziness”, “vision is clearer/brighter”, “more balanced.”

The triangles show the equal spacing between the Atlas and the Odontoid Process of the Axis (properly aligned)
The triangles show the equal spacing between the Atlas and the Odontoid Process of the Axis (properly aligned)
In this view it's clear to see that the Atlas has misaligned severely to the left (wide gap between C1 and Odontoid of C2) It's a sure bet that this patient suffers from several Neurological symptoms
In this view it's clear to see that the Atlas has misaligned severely to the left (wide gap between C1 and Odontoid of C2) It's a sure bet that this patient suffers from several Neurological symptoms


Myofascial Release Techniques

Due to high stress levels, overwork, and nutritional deficiencies, most people require soft tissue therapies to compliment the spinal alignment procedures. We find that a high percentage of the patients we examine have significant adhesions or scar tissue (trigger points) in their muscles and tendons. Dr. Ramsey has done extensive research into what soft tissue therapies are the most efficient at releasing scar tissue so muscles and tendons can return to healthy states. One of the reasons why many people require so many visits with traditional chiropractic is because muscle therapy technique are not used along with the spinal adjustments. Chronically tight contracted muscles keep pulling vertebra out of alignment. Myofascial Release Techniques force muscle tissue out of its’ chronically contracted state. Think of a tough, grisly piece of meat that’s hard to cut or even chew. Graston Technique is the favored soft tissue therapy used by doctor Ramsey. “This technique eliminates chronic adhesions and scar tissue faster than any other technique I’ve ever used,” states Dr. Ramsey.

Graston Technique is the best therapy for eliminating built up scar tissue (adhesions) in muscle and connective tissue. It greatly speeds improvement in spinal alignment and affords longer lasting results.


Instrument Spinal Adjusting Technique. The Arthrostim is a precision instrument that essentially “taps” misaligned vertebrae into alignment gently releasing compression on the nerves. This new technique is so effective and comfortable to the patient, and many have reported that relief is much more thorough and they can go a lot longer between chiropractic visits. The Arthrostim treatments are so gentile that they can safely be used even on elderly patients and infants with no risk whatsoever.

Arthrostim effectively and precisely adjusts misaligned vertebrae and is even safe for babies and elderly patients

“I had severe arch pain and was signed up for a race that was scheduled 10 days from my first visit with Dr. Ramsey. He found a lot of scar tissue in my foot. After only 2 treatments with the Graston technique, most of the scar tissue was gone and I was able to run for 13 miles without any pain!” — Chris M.

Class IV Therapeutic Laser

Dr. Ramsey was one of the first practitioners in the U.S. to use therapeutic lasers.

The class III laser that Dr. Ramsey used for years had great success treating sports injuries, chronic tendonitis, muscle and joint injuries. An old rugby injury of Dr. Ramsey’s shoulder that had been previously healed with Class III Laser Therapy was re-injured several years after the initial injury, but due to the severity of the injury, did not adequately respond to treatment from the class III laser or physical therapy. Dr. Ramsey went for treatments with the new, FDA approved class IV laser. “After a few weeks of treatment, my shoulder was completely healed! This was amazing after being told by an orthopedic surgeon that I would probably need surgery.”

Dr. Ramsey purchased a Class IV Laser after his amazing recovery and after finding out that the new laser was 1500 times more powerful than the previous class of laser. A class IV laser is in the same category as the type of lasers that are used for surgery. What makes the Class IV a “therapeutic laser” and different from a surgical laser is that the laser beam is diverted as opposed to narrow focused. This allows it to be completely safe to use anywhere in the body except directed towards the eyes. Special protective eyewear is required by the patient and the practitioner during treatment. Therapeutic Lasers that are 10 watts or more are powerful enough to penetrate to a depth of at least 5 centimeters, which means it can go deep enough to be able to treat a lumbar disk (allowing any joint in the body to be able to be treated successfully).

The following is a partial list of what Class IV Therapeutic Lasers can do in the process of healing tissue:

  • Stimulate cell regeneration
  • Stimulate cartilage regeneration
  • Stimulate blood flow and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels)
  • Stimulate immune modulation in tissues (healing tissue that is damaged from viral or bacterial infections)
  • Stimulate DNA and RNA
  • Improve cell membrane permeability (allows calcium ions and other ions to be able to infiltrate into the cell, making it healthier)
    and stimulating phagocytosis (dissolving scar tissue)

The laser is able to do these things by what is referred to as “Photobiomodulation”, in other words, photons (particles of light) stimulate chromophores (cellular light receptors) in the mitochondria of the cells which stimulate ATP production (the fuel for the cells power plant, the mitochondria). This causes cells to be able to regenerate and be as healthy and high functioning as possible with the result being a strong healing response in injured and inflamed tissue.

In relatively healthy patients who don’t require surgical repair, Class IV Laser treatment is 95% successful for all varieties of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, including arthritis.
The type of patient who does not respond well to laser treatment are those with high inflammation levels, hormonal
imbalance issues, digestive, and immune system dysfunction. These patients may require Functional Medicine nutritional therapies before their bodies are conducive to healing properly.

Click here for photos showing dramatic wound healing with K-Laser (NOT for the squeamish)

Sports Injuries/Elite Athletes

Dr. Ramsey played on the Palmer Chiropractic College rugby team during the 1970s, the decade in which Palmer was 4 time national champions. His playing experience prompted a life long interest in the treatment of sports injuries. The goal has always been to use the most effective therapies for the quickest healing possible so we can “get back in the game” whether it’s on the field or life in general.

Olympic and professional athletes that have benefitted from our therapies:

Brent Jones – San Francisco 49ers (1987-1997) Tight End, 3x Super Bowl Champion, 3x All Pro, 4x Pro Bowl

Brent was first treated by us in 1994 for a severe compound fracture with ligament damage of his ankle (it had been the worst injury in Pro Bowl history). When it came time for spring mini camp, he couldn’t run due to the severity of his injury.  Brent feared that he would be sidelined for the season and possibly see the end to his football career. After just a few weeks of Therapeutic Laser treatments, he healed so significantly that he was able to play at full capacity through the season. We also treated him later in the season for a severe neck injury sustained from a post catch up-ended tackle that was the cover photo for Sports Illustrated (see photo). He was the winning tight end for that season’s Super Bowl (1995).

Ralph Tamm – Offensive Guard, 2x Super Bowl Champion (Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers)

Ralph was sent to us by Lindsy McLean, the 49ers trainer after he witnessed the seemingly miraculous healing of Brent Jones’s ankle with the Therapeutic Laser. Ralph had a severe arch tear that left this favorite offensive lineman and protector of Quarterback, Steve Young unable to play. The 49er staff sent him first to the specialist of a famous ballet dancer and then to the doctor who took care of baseball great, Mark McGuire. The therapies were not successful so he was sent to our office. I treated Ralph several times and little by little, the laser brought enough healing to his foot just in time for him to be cleared to play in the 1995 Super Bowl.

Jesse Sapolu – Center, Guard, 4x Super Bowl Champion, 2x Pro Bowl, 2x All Pro

Jesse was also referred to us from 49er trainer, Lindsy McLean. Jesse had a major hamstring muscle strain that was not responding to conventional physical therapy treatments. It only took 3 Laser treatments and he was able to get right back in the game. He was able to finish the season and played in the 1995 Super Bowl

Tore Gustafsson – 3 time Olympian Hammer Thrower: 1981- Seoul, South Korea; 1992-Barcelona, Spain; 1996-Atlanta, Georgia.

Tore came to us for injuries involving his neck, upper back, and right shoulder of his throwing arm. He had heard of our specialty of treating sports injuries so he sought our help in getting himself healed up for the rigorous training necessary to qualify for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. The treatments, which included Chiropractic, Dr. Ramsey’s unique soft tissue therapies, and Laser therapy successfully resolved his injuries and he was able to compete in Atlanta. After his competition days, Tore went on to coach 2 metal winning Olympic athletes and also became a Doctor of Chiropractic!

Jack Lalanne (the one and only!) The Godfather of Exercise and Fitness. Jack came to us for laser therapy for his hip injury. X-Ray images showed a slight hip joint fracture from a recent fall. He came to our office on crutches and was quickly able to walk fine without the crutches after only a few laser treatments. It was a thrill to work on, and talk to this gregarious, “never-met- a-stranger” 94 year old superman. The feats of strength and endurance that he exhibited have never been duplicated. I never would have imagined, when I was a kid watching him on a black and white TV set in the 50s, that I would someday meet him and help him with an injury.

Besides these celebrities from the world of professional and amateur sports, fitness and health, we have had the privilege of  helping many people over the last 40+ years using our unique brand of Chiropractic, soft tissue therapies, and Class IV Therapeutic Laser. From high school and college athletes to elite professional athletes, class IV Therapeutic Laser coupled with our other unique therapies have proven superior to most all other therapies for the treatment of sports injuries as well as for everyday aches and pains known to man

Brent Jones, San Francisco 49ers
Brent Jones Autographed Photo
Ralph Tamm
Jesse Sapolu
Tore Gustafsson

Dr. Ramsey treating Jack LaLanne with Laser Therapy