In his 30+ years of practice, Dr. Ramsey has studied most of all the natural therapeutic techniques for pain relief. He has found that there are four supremely effective therapies, that when used all together or in different combinations, yield the highest success rate for eliminating most causes of musculoskeletal pain or Neuropathy (nerve injury).

“New Chiropractic” – (No Twist)

Years ago Dr. Ramsey sought out a special technique that would eliminate the traditional style of manual manipulation type of spinal adjusting. It is this “hands on” traditional style of spinal correction that has kept the majority of people away from chiropractors due to their fear of the “twisting, snap, crackle, and pop.”

Introducing the Arthrostim- Instrument Spinal Adjusting Technique. The Arthrostim is a precision instrument that essentially “taps” misaligned vertebrae into alignment gently releasing compression on the nerves. This new technique is so effective and comfortable to the patient, and many have reported that relief is much more thorough and they can go a lot longer between chiropractic visits. The Arthrostim treatments are so gentile that they can safely be used even on elderly patients and infants with no risk whatsoever.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Due to high stress levels, overwork, and nutritional deficiencies, most people require soft tissue therapies to compliment the spinal alignment procedures. We find that a high percentage of the patients we examine have significant adhesions or scar tissue (trigger points) in their muscles and tendons. Dr. Ramsey has done extensive research into what soft tissue therapies are the most efficient at releasing scar tissue so muscles and tendons can return to healthy states. One of the reasons why many people require so many visits with traditional chiropractic is because muscle therapy technique are not used along with the spinal adjustments. Chronically tight contracted muscles keep pulling vertebra out of alignment. Myofascial Release Techniques force muscle tissue out of its’ chronically contracted state. Think of a tough, grisly piece of meat that’s hard to cut or even chew. Graston Technique is the favored soft tissue therapy used by doctor Ramsey. “This technique eliminates chronic adhesions and scar tissue faster than any other technique I’ve ever used,” states Dr. Ramsey. For more information, go to GRASTONTECHNIQUE.COM. Other soft tissue techniques that are sometimes used include Positional Release Technique and Mulligan Technique.

“I had severe arch pain and was signed up for a race that was scheduled 10 days from my first visit with Dr. Ramsey. He found a lot of scar tissue in my foot. After only 2 treatments with the Graston technique, most of the scar tissue was gone and I was able to run for 13 miles without any pain!” Chris M.

Neuropathy Treatments with Rebuilder Medical Technology
We are excited to announce the addition of this new medical technology for the safe and effective treatment of a growing modern epidemic: Neuropathy. Previously thought to be caused exclusively by Diabetes, researchers now have evidence that other common causes of this debilitating disease include chronic nerve compression and damage to the nerve cell from certain drug therapies. It has been well known that chemotherapy has a potential for causing nerve cell damage. Neuropathy from damage to the nerve cell’s myelin sheath has grown to epidemic proportions due to the widespread use of Statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs). The developer of the Rebuilder therapeutic device, Dr.
David Phillips was also the inventor of the infrared ear thermometer. Dr. Phillips discovered a certain electrical current wave form that, when applied along a nerve pathway, could stimulate regeneration of a nerve’s damaged myelin sheath and thus cure the cause of Neuropathy. The 30 minute treatment sessions which are totally painless, are done three times per week for 5 weeks. At Functional Medicine Center we use a therapeutic protocol for Neuropathy incorporating Arthrostim, K-Laser treatments, Rebuilder Therapy, and sometimes nutritional supplements. The nutraceutical CoQ10 is often prescribed when it’s determined that the Neuropathy was due to the use of Statin drugs. For more information go to: REBUILDERMEDICAL.COM

K-Laser Therapy

Dr. Ramsey was one of the first practitioners in the U.S. to use therapeutic lasers (See “About Dr. Ramsey”). The class IIIB laser that Dr. Ramsey used for years had great success treating sports injuries, chronic tendonitis, muscle and joint injuries. An old rugby injury of Dr. Ramsey’s shoulder was re-injured a few years ago but it did not respond to treatment from the class IIIB laser or physical therapy. Dr. Ramsey went for treatments with the new, recently FDA approved class IV laser (K-Laser). “After a few weeks of treatment, my shoulder was completely healed! This was amazing after being told by an orthopedic surgeon that I would probably need surgery.” Dr. Ramsey purchased a K-Laser after his amazing recovery and after finding out that the K-Laser was 1500 times more powerful than the previous class of laser.
A class IV laser is in the same category as the type of lasers
that are used for surgery. What makes the K-laser a “therapeutic laser” and different from a surgical laser is that the laser beam is diverted as opposed to narrow focused. This allows it to be completely safe to use anywhere in the body except directed towards the eyes. So special protective eyewear is required. The 10-watt K-Laser is powerful enough to penetrate to depth of 5 centimeters, which means it can go deep enough to be able to treat a lumbar disk (now, any joint in the body can be treated).

The following is a partial list of what K-Laser can do: stimulate cell regeneration, stimulate cartilage regeneration, stimulate blood flow and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels), stimulate immune modulation in tissues (healing tissue that is damaged from viral or bacterial infections), stimulate DNA and RNA, improve cell membrane permeability (allows calcium ions and other ions to be able to infiltrate into the cell, making it healthier), and stimulating phagocytosis (dissolving scar tissue). The laser is able to do these things by what is referred to as “Photobiomodulation”, in other words, photons (particles of light) stimulate chromophores (cellular light receptors) in the mitochondria of the cells which stimulate ATP production (the fuel for the cells power plant, the mitochondria). This causes cells to be able to regenerate and be as healthy and high functioning as possible with the result being a strong healing response in injured and inflamed tissue.

In the relatively healthy patient who doesn’t require surgical repair, the K-Laser treatment is 95% successful for all varieties of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, including arthritis.
The type of patient who does not respond well to laser treatment are those with high inflammation levels, hormonal
imbalance issues, digestive, and immune system dysfunction. These people usually require several months of Functional Medicine nutritional therapies before their bodies are conducive to healing properly.

Click here for photos showing dramatic wound healing with K-Laser (NOT for the squeamish)

Dr. Ramsey treating All Pro 49er Brent Jones before 1995 Super Bowl

Dr. Ramsey treating Jack LaLanne with Laser Therapy

Watch this video to see how the Arthrostim restores normal vertebra function like no other technique can.

Watch The Miracle of K-Laser Therapy

Not Science Fiction…Science FACT!