Beautiful feet and hands are now a reality with breakthrough technology Laser nail fungus treatments!

The chances are you’ve tried everything possible to cure yourself of this agonizing problem with little or no lasting results. Why should you have to suffer from the embarrassment of wearing sandals or exposing your toes in public? You can only do so much “cover up” with nail polish. Look no further for your cure to this common unsightly problem!

Therapeutic Class IV Laser is the only natural, non-drug modality that can painlessly obliterate toenail and fingernail fungus (onychomycosis). Dr. David Ramsey, a pioneer in therapeutic laser technology, is now offering this most effective nail fungus treatment on the Central Coast at his office: Functional Medicine Center in Paso Robles, CA.

Each of five treatments is entirely painless and usually takes only 15 minutes. Treatments are done once per week for 5 weeks and then 7 to 12 months are needed, after treatment ends, for complete re-growth of the new nail.

This new technology is the only safe and effective treatment that can have permanent results without the risk of dangerous drugs such as Fluconazole, Itraconazole, and Terbinafine. The latter drug, also known as Lamisil, is most commonly used but is considered extremely risky. Most of the warnings center on side effects involving the kidneys, liver, and immune system. Some people taking this drug have developed severe liver damage leading to liver transplant or death. Topical anti-fungal ointments rarely help and only in very mild cases.

The laser works by the emission of photons (particles of light) into cells to stimulate cellular regeneration. In the case of fungal infection, the fungus is actually vaporized and the photons also stimulate an immune response in the tissues causing phagocytosis from macrophages to occur (scavenging of infectious pathogens). Dr. Ramsey has even been successful using this laser in the treatment of MRSA, the flesh-eating staph infection.

Laser Nail Fungus Treatments – before and after

Nail Fungus Treatment Testimonials

I was pretty depressed because I was told I would never get rid of this toenail fungus. I was embarrassed to go barefoot or wear summer sandals. Three months after Dr. Ramsey’s treatment with the laser, my toenail was cleared up completely. Three years later, no recurrence. I’m known as “The Barefoot Contessa” around my house! Ramey Zamora, Paso Robles

After a few months following the laser treatments by Dr. Ramsey, my nails appear to be all cleared up! One of the thickened nails that had the worst fungus actually fell off and a new healthy one was growing underneath. It worked! Marilyn D.

I had yellow discoloring of both big toenails with separation of the nail and the nail bed. Dr. Ramsey’s laser treatments eliminated the fungus that was causing this. My toenails grew out reattached and clear of yellowing. I wish I had done this years ago! Diane Oehlke, Paso Robles

I had given up wearing sandals after getting nail fungus from one episode of wearing tight hiking boots seven years ago. It started with just one nail and then migrated to others. I tried everything! (except the prescription drug that my family doctor refused to give me because of the risk of liver failure-even in healthy people like me). I decided to give Dr. Ramsey’s laser treatment a try a few months before summer because I was tired of being ashamed of my feet. At first I was skeptical, because after the 5 treatments, the nails looked no different. Dr. Ramsey explained the process the nails would go through and I realized all I could do is wait. After a few months, the difference was obvious. Healthy new nail growing in, and discolored nail growing out. By summer I felt good enough about my nail appearance that I ended up buying three pairs of sandals (I told my husband they were important for healthy feet!). Pat E.

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